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Your little baby well, isn’t so little anymore! By now bub is well versed in solid foods, both with the types of foods, the textures and the way they are served. Eating more ‘adult style’ meals that perhaps parents are having for themselves is becoming more common.


What changes happen with the meal plan now?

Meals are more complex and varied as bub is eager to explore the world of food. Adding mild herbs and even a spice (think cinnamon) will help develop tastebuds for a range of sensations.

It is still advised that breastmilk be given until at least 12 months of age and if bub is on formula this is important to continue feeding up to 12 months. Many parents will replace formula with cows milk at this stage however it’s not a requirement and instead calcium and protein intake can be supplemented from other sources.

What’s new that I can feed my toddler at 12 months?

The variety of food continues to widen as bub gets older and at this milestone it’s recommended that bub can be introduced to honey, but never before 12 months of age as honey may contain harmful bacteria for young ones. As with every milestone stage where large developmental changes occur, always speak with your maternal health nurse or paediatrician that may know your baby well.

At this stage pouch meals may play out as frozen treats, smoothies, daily yoghurts and on the go meals. TIP: they are a great way to introduce new “challenging” flavours such as mint in a cherry smoothie.

Bub will love being able to hold and squeeze the pouch herself, encouraging independent feeding and self confidence.

How to meal prep your week of meals?

1. Pick your recipes here for 12 month+ babies.

2. Shop

3. It’s meal prep time!


Find the recipes for 12 month+ old babies here.

The below meal plan is a guide only and assumes most of toddler meals are in the form of finger foods or cutlery meals. So the guide is showing 1 “on the go” meal per day. Don’t forget to pull in some recipe favourites from the previous age brackets. Bub can still have them now!


    Once you’ve meal prepped your pouches, it’s time to get organised. Name and date your pouches using the wash off pouch labels and store them tidily in the fridge or freezer using our first in, first out system via the pouch organiser.


    Don’t forget to share your journey with other parents and post your #pouchchallenge experience on insta and facebook, tagging @cherubbabyaustralia and #pouchchallenge . As a huge thanks for spreading the word, we’ll automatically put you in the draw to win a $300 Fresh Food Feeding System.


    At Cherub Baby we believe all kids deserve healthy and nutritious meals. That’s why we have partnered with Nutrition Plus who are dedicated to incorporating fruit, vegetable and bush-tucker gardens, cooking programs and local cultural knowledge and skills within school programs, with the overall desire to improve health and well being of the children in remote and disadvantaged areas.